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Selling Artwork

March 16th, 2014

Selling Artwork

Sept 2011

I have been reading several articals lately about selling our artwork. They have been interesting articals. I have appreciated them. These articals are more about getting people who see your work to buy it. Closing the deal as they say. I however, dont like to sell that way. I want people to see my work and want to purchase it, not because I am a great salesperson, (which I am not) but because my work has touched them and they simply want to purchase it or must have it for some reason or another. I just want to get it out there, get it seen, have people know why I have photographed it or why I painted it so they can see and understand and feel something and want to have it. I know that this is not a way to get rich or make much money at all but, I have so much feelling and emotion in my work that having people want it rather then me being the salesman to get them to buy is what I long for. Needless to say I have never sold an original. I have sold many many prints and cards. Dont get me wrong I dont think the people who are salesmans with there art are wrong, not at all, if this works for them and makes them happy then that is how they must approch there work, we are all made different and must follow our path. However, I do have people who think I am wrong and that I should be more of a salesperson, but I feel differently about it, so how can I be who they are or how can they be who I am. Also I had an artist tell me not to long ago to never sell prints of my work. She said if I do that I will never sell an original. Prints are so good these days that people dont need originals if they can just get one of your prints. That certainly has some merit, I will have to think about it.

March 2014 this is an update to what I wrote in this blog. I sold an original this summer!!!!!!!!!! And not because I am a salesman, the women just loved my work!!!!!! I am so so excited, this is so big for me. It is so satisfying and thrilling to be able to make a difference in someones life with my art. Yah!!!